Campolo Coming Back To Calgary

Tony Campolo, the self-described “positive prophet of red-letter Christianity,” will be returning to Calgary and speaking at Foothills Alliance Church on November 23, 2009.

I find this incredibly frustrating for several reasons:

1) Campolo is the author of “Red Letter Christians,” a book that calls Christians to place a heavier emphasis on the words of Jesus found in Scripture and to allow those “red letter” words to define our interpretation of other parts of Scripture – that is, to let the actual words of Jesus during his earthly ministry interpret other parts of the Bible as we grapple with ethical and political issues. As carefully as he tries to say he respects the whole Bible, his approach inevitably creates a “two-tier” model of revelation where the words of Paul, Peter, James, and others are somehow less the words of Christ (despite their being inspired by the Spirit of Christ) than those found in the Gospels.

2) Campolo has publicly questioned the omnipotence of God.

3) Campolo is a high-profile supporter of the Emergent movement. He has co-authored a book with Brian McLaren (Adventures In Missing The Point) and has spoken positively of some of the movement’s most objectionable practices and perspectives.

As I’ve said before, we really don’t even believe in the same God he does. Pastorally speaking, it grieves me that evangelical Christians keep giving a platform to a man who does not share a consistently or historically evangelical perspective.


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