An update, since I’ve been gone a while!

I haven’t made a post in more than a year – just realized yesterday! That’s something that, God willing, I’d like to rectify going forward.

And what a year it’s been. Erin and I welcomed our newest daughter Liana in April, and so now we’re outnumbered. For a while we had three kids three and under, and they have kept us on our toes!

Church-wise it’s been very eventful. The main effort has been planning and implementing Calvary Grace’s formal membership process, including the congregation’s statement of faith, the membership covenant, policies on church discipline, and of course the actual consideration of applications. God has been good; my brother elders have been an unbelievable encouragement and blessing, and we pulled together as a team by God’s grace and managed to keep everything on the rails during the process. Of course, regular church work didn’t slow down, but our congregation is full of people looking to jump in and do the work of ministry. What a blessing it’s been to watch.

In my tentmaking, I’ve been running a large Christmas hamper program for the past two winters now, and the economy hasn’t made it easy. God blessed me with a permanent position in July, and I’ve been learning the ropes of a bunch of other programs (school supplies, summer camp, winter coats) at the same time. The last five weeks, in particular, have been a bag drive, but the job got done!

It’s really shown me how blessed by God I am. A loving and patient wife; kids who still can’t wait to see me when I get in the door; fellow elders who teach and encourage me in every way; a congregation that is a joy to lead and serve.

Thank you, Sovereign God, for your mercies.


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