“Oh Logic, Let Me Be Yours Forever”

Atheism is a naturalistic perspective – that is, the material universe (matter and energy) is all there is. The constant appeal to science by atheists comes directly from that naturalistic conviction: only if matter and energy are all there is will science have the ability to account for everything.

So if atheism rejects the existence of an immaterial (that is, not matter or energy) entity with universal authority (God), how does the atheist explain the existence of other immaterial entities with universal authority (laws of logic, laws of mathematics, etc) in a way consistent with their worldview? Logic isn’t material. Neither is it energy.

Seems arbitrary to deny God on the grounds of “logic” when the philosophy of atheism can’t explain the existence of logic in the first place, don’t you think? Can’t be a “scientific” conclusion by its very definition, can it?


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