Strange Markings Found in Jerusalem Archaeological Dig

Archaeologists have uncovered a bewildering set of V-shaped markings in the “City of David” dig in Jerusalem.

Everyone is stumped. They’re having trouble even speculating what they might have been for. The pottery found in the area looks like it might have been from around 800 BC (so, the time of the kings, possibly during the reign of Joash). But the markings may well precede that period by centuries, and may even date to the Caananite period.

I even read one article saying that there is an effort to “crowdsource” possible explanations for this on Facebook!

There are two lessons we can draw from this:

1. Archaeologists and archaeology does not have all the answers. Here, they don’t even know what questions to ask. It is a useful reminder of the limitations of human learning and science, and our responsibility to “test everything” and not blindly follow our world’s experts in any field.

2. Archaeology does not produce brute facts, but rather evidence in need of interpretation. Here, the experts are struggling even to suggest possible interpretations. The only hard fact here is that someone cut “V” shapes into rock many years ago. How, why, when – all those questions remain to be answered through study and interpretation of the spadework

Weird, isn’t it?


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