Inconsistency: The Sign of Katy Perry’s Failed Worldview

CTV is reporting that recording artist Katy Perry allegedly wanted her husband, Russell Brand, to initiate the filings for their divorce out of concern for the opposition of her parents, who are described as evangelical Christian pastors, to divorce.

My response when I saw that: if you got your “big break” into pop superstardom with a song whose lyrics glorify bisexuality, advocate teen sex and provocative dressing, or celebrate binge drinking, streaking, skinny-dipping, and group sex, and after all that you’re worried about what your evangelical pastor parents might think about your divorce, I’d say you’ve got a deeper problem than their disapproval of your handling of relationships.

Of course, I also have to ask: if she is so deeply concerned about what her parents think, why haven’t they had any effect on her lyrics?


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One response to “Inconsistency: The Sign of Katy Perry’s Failed Worldview

  1. Ron

    I thought the same exact thing. She basically promotes everything opposite of the Christian faith but then worries about her parents thoughts on her divorce?