Calvary Grace Church Launches New Website

New Calvary Grace Church Website

Calvary Grace Church's New Website

Calvary Grace Church launched a new website last week! Go on over to the new website and have a look!
Do note that your old bookmarks may not work with the new site; mine didn’t. Also, old links to sermons and blog articles won’t work anymore either, as the addresses have changed.
Many thanks to Cory Adamson for his months of work on the new site concept and architecture, and to the many volunteers who helped move content over from the old site over the past few weeks!
We also owe a big debt of thanks to Steve McRae, who designed our first website at the very beginning and whose graphic design persisted until last week; and, also to Mike Jones and Warren Rempel, who replaced the back-end architecture of the old website some two and a half years ago to make it more secure and easier to use. Their many hours of labour were not in vain. May God use this new tool for the increase of his Kingdom!

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