Matt Uncovers a RiDQlous Pricing Strategy

My brother Matt circulated the following picture and article via email. Have a look, read his comments below the pic, and judge for yourself.

“If you’re like me, you enjoy a good DQ hamburger. What you may not know is how funny the pricing is at your local DQ.

“Normally when you add fries and a drink to a combo it costs a set amount… I mean paying more for the same thing would be RiDQulous. Here are the prices for adding the same medium drink and fries to your favorite combos:

1. $3.50

2. $3.70

3. $3.50

4. $3.40

5. $3.60

6. $3.90

7. $2.90

8. $5.65

9. $3.30

10. $3.30

“Combo number 8 is interesting. You actually pay $2 less to not combo it. I love finding hidden gems in menus. These convoluted combo prices lead consumers to seek refuge in the popular 3 for $6 or 4 for $8 menu. Here the lucky consumer can purchase 4 cheeseburgers, which would normally cost $5.56, for a stunning deal of $8.

“Their current slogan is ‘Good isn’t good enough’. I think it should be ‘Why pay less?'”


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