The God-Given Blessing of a Normal Life

I read a great paragraph last night:

The writers of most of the biblical books concentrate on those people and events that are central to redemptive history. This focus on the great events easily obscures the fact that often whole generations are born, grow old, and die without them. Life in ancient Israel is not three miracles a day and a new holy war each week. Most people live their lives while God does no new thing. For every biblical hero there are thousands of Israelites who know God only through what is taught by priests and prophets, and seek to be obedient to the law in personal devotion, in home and family life, and in worship of God.” (Graeme Goldsworthy, According To Plan, emphasis mine)

It’s sad that many folks in the church today feel let down or disappointed that the lives God has ordained for them are not more spectacular, interesting, or extraordinary. Actually, God seeks to glorify himself through such lives far more often than he does through “biblical hero”-type people.

In other words, God wants most of us to be content with, and glorify him in, the everyday and “mundane” aspects of life. The expectation that many Christians have of spectacular signs and wonders being a commonplace part of the believer’s life simply doesn’t match the Bible’s teaching about the life of God’s people.

Actually, we need to begin to appreciate the miraculous nature of the less-than-spectacular events of Christian life. Just this past weekend, a family in our church saw a loved one come to Christ. The Bible teaches that conversion is a miracle, the direct work of God (John 6:44).

As Goldsworthy points out, believers throughout the ages have sought to grow through ordinary means: the written Word, devotions, regular worship, a God-centred family life. Or, as Paul put it: “aspire to live quietly, and work with your hands, as we instructed you.” (1 Thes. 4:11)


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