A Couple Good Kindle Deals (UPDATED!)

(UPDATED BELOW: Found a few additional freebies!)

Broadman and Holman have a couple interesting Kindle deals you might be interested in.

First, Lea and Black’s Introduction to the New Testament is on sale for $2.97 here. This was my seminary textbook for New Testament class. While I think Carson & Moo’s is better, Lea & Black’s is perhaps a bit more accessible and less technical, and still a pretty good choice.

Second, a book detailing the translation approach and methodology for the Holman Christian Standard Bible is free here: HCSB: Navigating the Horizons in Bible Translations. Can’t beat free, and if you are at all interested in the differences between translations, this is a no-brainer. I think the HCSB is a pretty good translation, so this has the potential to be helpful. They were giving away hard copies at Southern’s 9 Marks conference back in February, and I snagged one.


Several titles in R.C. Sproul’s “Crucial Questions Series” are also available for free download from the Kindle store:

What Can I Do With My Guilt?

Does God Control Everything?

Who Is The Holy Spirit?

What Is The Trinity?

Can I Have Joy In My Life?

These are 50-80 page booklets, good for an afternoon’s reading. Since not the whole series is there, I figure this is something limited-time only…

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