The Christian and Politics

R. Alan Cole wrote the Tyndale New Testament Commentary volume on Mark, and in his revised preface has some timely comments on the proper Christian view of the Gospel’s relation to politics:

“Privatizing, individualizing, and spiritualizing of the gospel (to use modern terminology), may well be dangers; but so are materializing and politicizing the gospel, and they are far greater dangers for us today because they agree with the spirit of our times….

“The Bible is very even-handed: sin is regarded as a universal human phenomenon, and every type of political system, whether of the ‘left’ or of the ‘right,’ is therefore regarded as carrying within itself the seeds of its own decay and being subject to God’s judgment. The Christian cannot give total unquestioning allegiance to any one political system, for the Christian hope is not placed in political systems.” (p. 14)


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  1. Re: “The Christian cannot give total unquestioning allegiance to any one political system”

    Agreed, but some political systems are more hostile to Christianity (and corrosive to civil society) than others e.g. Communism, Sharia law.

    Today, the western world is dominated by Leftism (in the media, the arts, the law, education and academia) and its ideas are often decidedly anti-Christian e.g. banning prayer in schools, passing the ‘bathroom bill’, eroding male/female distinctions, undermining parental authority, robbing the unborn of human status. This is why I personally eschew the left.