Thoughts on Canada’s 2015 Federal Election

*I wrote this last night as the poll results came in, after it became evident we would see a change in government.

God looks down at kings and politicians, and he laughs (Ps. 2). The decisions of Canadians in the polling booths were always in his hands. God’s purposes won’t be thwarted, no matter who holds the reins of power, because they are given those reins by God himself in order to bring his purposes to pass.

For many people, this might be tough to hear now, at the end of the night, when polls are counted. God makes well-being, yes, and he also creates calamity (Is. 45:7). If you think the results tonight are disappointing or even a disaster, you need to remember there’s a purpose in it—a purpose to bring God glory, and—if you belong to Christ—to bring you good. Even if you can’t understand how that purpose will play out. Do not despair, for your hope was never meant to rest in politics in the first place.

On the other hand, if this was the result you were hoping for, you should temper your joy. Politicians fail. Platforms get forgotten. If your hope’s in politics, that’s a poor religion. The fundamental problems of human existence can’t be solved by politics. Equally for you, your hope is not supposed to rest in politics.

Political failures point to need of a King who’s Wisdom itself, a King who’s not brutal but gentle, a King who can’t be defeated. And political successes point to a God who uses fallible human beings to show mercy & kindness even to an undeserving, rebellious world. God remains sovereign. He is still on his throne even now. He is still merciful and gracious. He is still holy and righteous and true. He will still one day judge the living and the dead. Tonight’s events haven’t changed that one bit. And it hasn’t change the Christian’s task to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them and teaching them all that Christ commanded—even and especially the things our political culture can’t stand.

And don’t forget that we are commanded to pray for our leaders. So please join me in asking for God’s blessing and mercy on our new Prime Minister, that he might lead with wisdom and discernment, and that he might be brought to a saving knowledge of the truth—for his sake, yes, for ours, and for God’s glory most of all.


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