Each Day’s Like Christmastime

A reflection on (and Christmas present for!) my wife Erin. 

Gifts and bows
Fresh fall’n snows
Sweet, warm butter tarts
All these things
Together bring
Christmas cheer to hearts

A season to
Remember who
Brings everlasting joy
Not the food
Or doing good
And surely not the toys

Glist’ning lights
Festive sights
Lift our souls to praise
One True Son
The only one
Who wipes our sins away

Christmas looks
Like the Book
To see Him magnified
Even more
Our sov’reign Lord
In marriage’s glorified

Music, bells
Sounds and smells
Kids uncov’ring loot
They bring me smiles
But all the while
They can’t compare to you

See, with you
A wife so true
Each day’s like Christmastime
Ev’ry morn
By you adorn’d
My own bright star sublime

Music of
Your words of love
Fills my God-bless’d ears
Gifts abound
As you surround
With care those you hold dear

Praise the Lord
Who did afford
Me such a vivid sight
Of future grace
I glimpse His face
In you, my matchless wife


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