Any Other Way

A dark’ning world resists the light
It thinks it’s all there is
The proud—they strut, and scoff, and fight
Calling evil good
Truth and justice now despised
And when God’s mercy calls
They plug their ears, while scrabbling for
Any other way

That is who I was, before;
Wretched, lost, deceived.
And while I can’t imagine now,
So, too, once, were you.
The touch of grace, so strong and true
On you—that’s all I know!
So I honestly can’t picture you
Any other way

I thank God—for, though long ago
Before He made us one,
As we shared the same stone heart,
A sov’reign God, in pow’r
Before all time, decreed, ordain’d
That in His Son, He’d save
Us by gift’d faith—there isn’t
Any other way

I’ve always made more than my share—
E’en since my second birth—
Of rather foolish, dim mistakes.
And so I praise our Lord.
For errors He will never make!
His Providence is true.
As proof? Our marriage I can’t view
Any other way

Certainly some look and scoff
At what God’s done in us.
Mocking us for six sweet kids:
“What a waste of time!
You’re overloaded now, you fools!
So easy to prevent!
You’d have had so much free time
Any other way!”

What’s a few hours in the day, when
Eternity is ours!
Compared to that—what trifles are
Such things as movies missed!
And so, when endless ages pass
As glory fills our eyes
We’ll thank God He didn’t plan it
Any other way

Now, married bliss—it is! So sweet!
Heav’n? Not quite. But close.
In you, through you, I see Him
Who’s built us paradise.
Your constant love’s reflecting His.
You, by my side, like Christ,
Are helping, ‘cause I couldn’t do it
Any other way

Eleven years of love, of joy
He’s given me in you.
Just as, one day, heav’n’s years’ll fly
My time with you’s rush’d by.
Yes, there’s stress, and pain, and tears.
I count it all as joy.
I honestly would never want it
Any other way.

Happy eleventh anniversary, Erin—-my sister in the Lord, my helpmeet, my love. Thank you for showing me Christ all these years.

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