Book Review: “Mary, Another Redeemer?” by James White

I recently read Dr. James White’s critique of Roman Catholic Marian devotion, Mary, Another Redeemer? My review is up at Amazon and on Goodreads. A teaser:

White begins by reviewing what the Bible says about Mary, showing that the New Testament (when permitted to speak for itself) presents a remarkable, humble, and godly young woman who even Protestants need not shy away from calling “blessed,” but who nonetheless is herself in need of a Savior. He then turns to present what Roman Catholics teach about Mary. He reviews the Marian dogmas and how each builds on its predecessor. White goes out of his way to be scrupulously fair to those he is disagreeing with; he allows Roman sources to speak for themselves, quoting them at great length so that the reader can form his or her own understanding.

The whole review can be read here.


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