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At the CalGrace Blog: The West Wind of Extravagant Mercy

Some devotional reflections on common grace, providence, and mercy from the God-given relief of an Alberta chinook.


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At the CalGrace Blog: Articles By My Fellow Elders

I’ve been focused on matters at home over the past couple weeks, and have been a little out of the loop on church matters. Thankfully, we have four elders at the church, and while each of us have the same general responsibility for teaching and care of the flock, we have all each developed areas of focus that correspond to our abilities and interests. So, for example, Clint, as the senior pastor, is our primary preacher and shoulders the bulk of the pulpit responsibility, and as primus inter pares (first among equals) among the elders, provides guidance and mentorship to the rest of us. Or, as another example, Paul is the elder board’s primary point person for children’s ministries.

I’m the primary guy for administration, church communications, and coordinating the activities of the various ministries of the church. Our weekly pastoral newsletter, as a communications tool, falls into my area of focus, as does the church website. That’s why the bulk of the church blog articles are written by me; not because I’m the lead guy (I’m not; that’s Clint’s role) but because they are integral to our weekly newsletters (and because I have more time than the other elders to gin up such things). When we began the newsletters about two and a half years ago, we wanted them to have a devotional flavour, and so a devotional article was a key part of that. We began putting the articles on the church website (cutting out the announcements from the weekly email) as a way of commenting on current affairs and providing some pastoral guidance for readers. As it’s turned out, it’s been a really edifying spiritual exercise for me, and it is probably the primary way in which I exercise teaching authority in the church.

That does not mean, and was never intended to mean, that I would be the only one writing those articles. Over the last two weeks, in an effort to free me up to focus on family matters (how I’m blessed to serve alongside such men!), fellow elders Clint and Terry prepared the devotionals, which I’ve linked to below.

First, a week and a half ago, Terry Stauffer wrote on how Christians may serve one another with their words. (Besides the church blog, you can follow Terry at either his blog, New Lumps, or on Twitter here).

This week I’ve posted Clint’s article from last weekend on “How To Use A Conference.” (As for Clint, he also has a personal blog called Cowboyology, and is found on Twitter here).

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