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Free ebook: J.C. Ryle’s “Thoughts for Young Men”

How I wish I’d read this book at 17 years old; so many wasted years. If you’re a young man, you can do better, and this will help. J.C. Ryle’s “Thoughts for Young Men” is an absolute must-read. And it’s not a long book, either. And it’s free online.

No excuses, guys. “Man up” and read this (PDF).

More formats available here (Kindle and ePub), by the way.



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Free ebook: Gilbert’s “What Is The Gospel?”

Greg Gilbert’s “What Is The Gospel?” is an outstanding book that every Christian needs to read. We used this as a newcomer giveaway for a while at Calvary Grace Church.

Well, you can get a free e-copy at this link (in three formats!) with a short survey. It’s worth it–pick this up.


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Shadows of the King Available at Amazon

Our book on First Kings, Shadows of the King, is now available as a paperback through Amazon! If you would like a hard copy, you can purchase it here:

Shadows of the King (paperback), Amazon.com

Note that it’s not available at the Canadian Amazon site just yet, for some reason.

We also make Shadows of the King available for free in three ebook formats at our church website:

Shadows of the King (ebooks), Calvary Grace Church

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Shadows of the King

Yesterday, November 19, marked 9 years of fellowship in and witness to the Gospel at Calvary Grace Church, where I worship and serve. I’ve been blessed to share in the past seven and a half of those years.

To mark the occasion, and in support of our current preaching series in First Kings, my fellow pastors (Clint Humfrey, Paul Toews, Terry Stauffer, and Gavin Peacock) and I collaborated to write an ebook, called “Shadows of the King.” You can download it here, for free, in multiple formats.

ebook front Shadows of Kings



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A Couple Good Kindle Deals (UPDATED!)

(UPDATED BELOW: Found a few additional freebies!)

Broadman and Holman have a couple interesting Kindle deals you might be interested in.

First, Lea and Black’s Introduction to the New Testament is on sale for $2.97 here. This was my seminary textbook for New Testament class. While I think Carson & Moo’s is better, Lea & Black’s is perhaps a bit more accessible and less technical, and still a pretty good choice.

Second, a book detailing the translation approach and methodology for the Holman Christian Standard Bible is free here: HCSB: Navigating the Horizons in Bible Translations. Can’t beat free, and if you are at all interested in the differences between translations, this is a no-brainer. I think the HCSB is a pretty good translation, so this has the potential to be helpful. They were giving away hard copies at Southern’s 9 Marks conference back in February, and I snagged one.


Several titles in R.C. Sproul’s “Crucial Questions Series” are also available for free download from the Kindle store:

What Can I Do With My Guilt?

Does God Control Everything?

Who Is The Holy Spirit?

What Is The Trinity?

Can I Have Joy In My Life?

These are 50-80 page booklets, good for an afternoon’s reading. Since not the whole series is there, I figure this is something limited-time only…

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