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On National Aboriginal Day, Clint Humfrey shares the story of the Cree chief Maskepetoon. A must-read:



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TGC Canada’s Website Now Live!

I’m so excited and thankful to see this finally come together! The Gospel Coalition Canada, a cross-denominational resource and fellowship ministry, has launched its website. Bookmark this and visit regularly, here:


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TGC Atlantic August Conference Topic Announced!

Folks in the Maritimes and Newfoundland, don’t miss this conference! After being there last year, even as just a visitor from Alberta, I’m more than happy to say that not only is this an incredibly well-run conference and the subject matter will be invaluable, but that the Christian fellowship and encouragement is a real gift to the Atlantic Canadian church. Mark your calendars.

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Free ebook: Gilbert’s “What Is The Gospel?”

Greg Gilbert’s “What Is The Gospel?” is an outstanding book that every Christian needs to read. We used this as a newcomer giveaway for a while at Calvary Grace Church.

Well, you can get a free e-copy at this link (in three formats!) with a short survey. It’s worth it–pick this up.


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At TGC Canada: An Answer to Gender Unicorns, Newspeak in Alberta Schools

The good folks at The Gospel Coalition Canada allowed me to pen a brief post on how Christians should respond to new LGBTQ activism in Alberta schools.

Have a read here.

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My Latest at CBMW: When Washrooms are Weaponized

Washrooms have been weaponized in the culture war over sexuality and gender.

Here’s my take, at CBMW, on a Christian response. A teaser:

“Transgender ‘rights’ inevitably will be—and probably already are being—used as ‘cover’ for sexual predators. When gender distinctions are minimized, women suffer most….Make no mistake. In the transgender debate, the Gospel is at stake—and we will not surrender or be silent.”



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“The Grand Design”

Former professional footballer and my fellow pastor & elder at Calvary Grace Church, Gavin Peacock, has co-written a book with the President of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, Owen Strachan, titled “The Grand Design.” This book is forthcoming from Christian Focus.

Gavin explains some of his thinking behind his contribution to this book here.

The book is slated for release sometime in April, and having reviewed some of the pre-publication proofs I can say it’s not to be missed. Pick this one up when it’s out! You can pre-order it at Amazon here.

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